Fly Tipping Removal in London

Fly Tipping can be defined as the illegal process of dumping of waste on  the land without any permission of property owner.  Fly tipping is hazardous as its contents are unknown so it needs to be disposed of as quickly as possible because the rodents and contaminants can harm our environment and surroundings. Also it can harm humans and animals if they come in contact with the junk as it might contains black bags, other general waste,industrial waste, tyres, construction materials and dangerous liquids and chemicals.

Whether you are a private land owner or a commercial property owner or a local authority, fly tipping can be a eyesore and dangerous both. And getting rid of it you own can be a difficult task. Well we are here to save you. HGF Group is one of the leading junk removal and clearance services in London and around. With an experience of 50 years, we never fail to satisfy our customers. We clear the fly tipping sites in a responsible manner to ensure that the site is left tidy and clean. Our diligent team undergoes several training programmes to learn new techniques and eco-friendly methods. We will remove the waste in our specialised vehicles and process the waste to avoid land-filing. We send all the recyclable items and junk at recycle centres. The basic items will be given for charity work. We will also take care of any evidence of the culprit. Many safety precautions are put in place  for our own workers, our customers, and the general public.We will also decontaminate and sanatise the affected area to avoid infections and diseases.

HGF group is famous for the hassle-free services we provide. We are committed to providing excellent services of fly tipping removal in London. We guarantee to provide you with services which will fit your needs and requirements. Our prices are completely flexible and affordable. Our hardworking crew will reach you in the time most convenient for you and will carry out the work without disturbing you. We are dedicated in  offering the most professional, safe and stress free solutions. We take pride in our ability to clear the rubbish and dispose of efficiently. Our friendly team is always happy to help and provide supreme services to our client. Call us now to get free quotations and enjoy our outstanding services.

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